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    • The purpose of RGDB is to cover every racing game ever made and help people find more of the types of racing games they're interested in. For example, find all the games by Codemasters by inputting their name to the Developer field, or all the rally games on the PS1 by selecting the console from the System drop-down menu and selecting "Rally" as a Keyword.

      The search works by wildcards, so searching for the name "gran" will find "Gran Turismo", "Motor Toon Grand Prix" and every other game where the text "gran" is included, no matter it's place in the name. Capitalization of characters doesn't matter.

      The results can be sorted by clicking a column's title. If a game has multiple names they will all be listed in their own row in the name cell for that game. Read detailed instructions here.

      If you see an error or an omission, please contact us in the forums so we can fix it.

The database currently has 2614 games listed. We are constantly adding new titles as well as including more information and screenshots. You can help RGDB by sharing what you know (especially games' multiplayer capabilities) and submitting screenshots, read more here!

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ATV Bikes Circuit Combat Customization Demolition Derby Drag Racing
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Motocross Off-road Open Road Racing Open World Other Radio-controlled Rally
Scoring Side-scrolling Snow Street Racing Stunt Racing Top-down Touge
Track Editor Trucks Tuning Unknown VR Water