Wheel Stand Pro V2 review (by Ghegs, February 9th, 2014.)

The Wheel Stand Pro is a series of racing wheel stands available from a Polish company called Abitech. Because different wheels tend to be of varying sizes, might have a separate gear shifter and have different ways of attaching the wheel part to the rig or desk or stand, Abitech's stands come in several variations, each of which has been designed to be used with specific models of wheel. Many Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels are supported, as well as some Mad Catz wheels and even Microsoft's own Wireless Xbox 360 wheel.

I had recently purchased a Logitech Driving Force GT and because I don't have the space for a fully-fledged racing seat and I would be doing a lot of racing away from the desk, on the consoles, a stand was the logical choice. After placing an order I had already received the package 2-3 days later and a tracking number was provided at the time of shipping as well.

The stand is basically ready to go from the moment of opening the package. All you have to do is attach the wheel, place the pedals, adjust a few things so everything's at the right angle, height and distance to your personal preference, and you're ready to go. Many of the adjustments can be done with quick-release mechanisms so there's no need to have a screwdriver handy, and for the rest the equipment is included in the package.

You can also clamp the pedals into place with metal bars, but I couldn't get them attached at the recommended point - the provided screws weren't quite long enough. I could've placed the bars at a lower point, but I ended up not using them at all. The pedals stay firmly in place during use just fine without them, their main purpose is to keep the pedals in place when the stand is stored in an upright position. As I store mine horizontally, it's not an issue to me personally.

In use the stand feels very comfortable. The wheel feels very solid and firmly in place, even during more rigorous wheel-spinning exercises. It even looks quite stylish with its silvery-steel-and-black-rubber visage. If there's one thing I would have liked to see, it's one more hollow tube on the bottom part, which could be used to store the assorted cables neatly and out of sight. The packaging does include some cable ties to fasten the cables to the stand.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Wheel Stand Pro V2. It feels solid and weighty without being heavy, so it offers support while still being easy to move around for storing. I can recommend this to any racing game enthusiast, especially to those with limited space to work with.

The Wheel Stand Pro stands can be bought from http://wheelstandpro.com.