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Postby skoeldpadda » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:35 am

And now it works.
The video is from the same guy as before (MrThunderwing). I haven't been through the trouble of setting it up myself so I can't comment on its working state, but at this rate, I'm guessing we could have a very playable build by the end of winter.
Video description wrote:Following on from my video a few days ago showing the brand new 2017 arcade version of Daytona Championship USA running on PC, but without working controls, here it is again… now with functioning controls!!! This was due to combined effort by some very clever guys at the BYOAC forum.

This is set-up to only work with an Xbox 360 controller at the moment and the steering is super sensitive with the car tending to fishtail if you oversteer (much like if you play the original Daytona USA on Model 2 emulator with a joypad), because the very small range of the Xbox 360 pad’s left stick is simulating the much larger range of a steering wheel X Axis, hence the less than stellar driving on display. Manual gears have also not yet been set-up in this, which also adds to my general rubbish gameplay as I’m used to normally gear drifting around the tight corners on the course.

EDIT 8 hours later : New update, it works even better.
Welp, things have progressed further still. Using a program called x360ce it's possible for a dinput device (like my steering wheel) to emulate an Xinput device (i.e. an Xbox 360 pad) meaning I can now play this with my Logitech DFGT wheel which means the steering is now no longer super-sensitive because the game is playing as it was meant to be played. Awesome! Thanks to all those at BYOAC who outlined how to get that side of things working (Particularly Boomslang and vice350z)

On top of that, the very clever SailorSat and Howard Casto have figured out how to get manual transmission working (apologies if anyone else contributed to that as well and I've missed you out, the BYOAC thread has become so big now I skimmed through some of it). Howard has also created a launcher that makes navigating through some of the menus more straightforward (as previously some of it only worked with pad and some only worked with keyboard). Double awesome!
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