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Re: Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

Postby mickael28 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:24 am

Ahh.. thank you. I was misunderstanding the message then, I thought the meant I had to do something to start slipstreaming rather than I was doing it already...

I was trying to drive behind other cars but as our speed is a lot faster I couldn't do it for any good length of time, so I thought I was missing something...
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Re: Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast

Postby mickael28 » Sat May 13, 2017 3:45 am

Fudoh wrote:I've been playing the jp release since it's release in 2007

Wheels are supported, but you can't change the button layout, so on my G25 everything's a little mixed up over the various buttons. Force feedback strength can be adjusted.

Hi, I was reading and asking about force feedback to a guy in youtube who's got the Japanese version in PS2 along with a Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel and he mentioned:
Trying out the Japanese version of Outrun 2 SP, which is just about the only version with any sort of force feedback support. It won't roll the wheel, but at least there's rumble, and the wheel isn't completely loose and slack like in the 360 version.
The force in Outrun does not work. It only vibrates/rumbles.
Also, I am telling you, as someone who actually knows, and his been researching the very topic you speak of for years, that there is NO home version of ANY Outrun game with true force feedback (that rotates the wheel and resists against your steering differently, depending on the angle of the turn), and you WILL be disappointed.

The is spring resistance, but it's dead spring resistance, just like you'd get with a cheap wheel with no FFB, it just becomes harder to turn as you turn it further, regardless of the state of your car or the track. Basically it just keeps your wheel from being loose and floppy, but does not mimic the resistance of driving a car.
The supposed "force feeback" is just vibration, which does not involve the wheels drive motor.

I hope this is clear enough. I would love to be wrong, so feel free to correct me if you find a version of Outrun that actually does have FFB.......but you won't. Not until emulators can handle the actual arcade version.
It's hard to explain, but spring tension isn't bad for Outrun. The only time you really notice it's not real FFB is when you wreck, cos the wheel doesn't go all crazy and start flopping around. You can even feel the grass with the rumble.

I'm looking to buy a wheel just for this game, but just gathering a few points of view. As you've tried the same game with a different wheel, how does the force feedback feel in that one? does it feel like real force feedback (as in, rotates the wheel and resists against your steering differently, depending on the angle of the tur) or more like rumble?

And is the force feedback/effect quite weak (which I've read in some reviews) or can be done stronger by changing the settings, either in game or in the wheel itself?
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