Virtua Racing

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Virtua Racing

Postby skoeldpadda » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:36 am

I just stumbled on a duet of comprehensive video about Virtua Racing

History, mechanics, hardware, ports and remakes, they both cover pretty much everything there is to say and see about the game, and since there's no "general" Virtua Racing topic, I thought it would make a great introduction ;)

Personally, my first encounter with Virtua Racing was with the (non-SEGA) Saturn version, and after I'd played SEGA Rally and Touring Car. So to say it didn't fare that well is the understatement of the century. It looked ugly, gameplay was sloppy, the tracks were bland and the cars weren't that enjoyable to drive.
It took me, what, fifteen years before going back to it, on PC, somewhere around 2009 or 10, to try out the 3D rendering of a new MAME build... And it hooked me. I guess that, with time, all that my teenage self found bad has become a major point of interest for the historian I now am, but still, I didn't expect that old thing to grab me like it did.
I don't know what actually pleases me so much in that game. I mean, I still find it ugly but I love the jingle when you pass a checkpoint, and everything I like about that game has an counterpart that I don't. For example, the gameplay *is* stiff as hell, maybe even more now than in my memories since I've played so many better made racers since then, but it has a "flow" that I never noticed when I was a kid. It smells "early-3D" and "pre-Daytona" from every pore, but, strangely enough, I find it more enjoyable than Daytona, maybe slicker, and certainly easier to drive (I really have a hard time getting into a "groove" in Daytona) : once you figure out the rhythm, it almost drives itself. Virtua Racing is almost a game that I play exluively to relax because of that. It just... flows. You launch it, take a credit or two to get into the rhythm, and there you go.
That's something I could never manage to do on my old console. Well, of course, not having played it since then and having learn a long time ago that it wasn't actually made by SEGA, I don't really know how it compares to the arcade version, but even comparing to other SEGA games, I still to this day don't really understand how Daytona USA handles, for example (for a long time, SEGA Rally was really the only one I "got", but then again, I'm more into offroading and rallying than track racing, so...).

Anyway, you remember that "best 2D racers" topic ? Well, if we did a 3D one, Virtua Racing would be in my selection.
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Re: Virtua Racing

Postby Ghegs » Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:36 am

Nice vids, thanks for sharing.

The only version of the game I've played is the PS2 one, and I did have fun with it. One cool thing with that release is that is actually has wheel support, despite never being mentioned anywhere in the game or the manual. Or at least not in the Sega Classics Collection manual, maybe it did in the JP original?
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Re: Virtua Racing

Postby KAI » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:19 pm

Great vids skoeldpadda. Agree with you, those early-3D graphics are charming as hell, and I also prefer this over daytona (hope to learn to love that game one of these day tho).

Ghegs wrote:maybe it did in the JP original?

yep, the back cover of the jap version shows the wheel compatibility.

btw, below the number of players supported it says "Full Flat Shading Race" <3
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